Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Always Me Playlist

Something I did for the paperback of Always Me but didn't do for the Kindle version was offer an Always Me playlist - basically the songs that I consider the soundtrack for the novel, that help convey the story in another format.

Music is a great aid in the writing process to get into that mindset or mood needed to create a certain scene.  I tend to go to different genres for different books.  Sometimes it's a little difficult coming up with the playlist.  I shudder to think how I would compile one for the Arethane series.  It would obviously have to be broken up by book, but I do promise to offer that, as well.  Maybe when all 4 are published.

Anyway, it was easier for Always Me.  The soundtrack for the story was as distinct to me as the characters.  So, I hope you enjoy, the Always Me playlist: 

1. "The Ghost Who Walks" - Karen Elson (A haunting song that perfectly embodies a woman's misplaced trust in the man she loves)
2. "Love Me Dead" - Ludo (Xander and Nicky's first encounter)
3. "Save Me" - Johnette Napolitano (Nicky's first hypnosis session)
4. "Die, Die, Die" - The Avett Brothers (Nicky's accusation of Xander in the chapel)
5. "Walking After You" - Foo Fighters (When Xander takes Nicky to the tire swing in the woods)
6. "The Ghost of You" - My Chemical Romance (After Nicky sees Xander in that fateful 
7. "Fires" - Band of Skulls (At the bonfire when Nicky sees Xander)
8. "Lost Cause" - Beck (After the explosion at the library)
9. "You Can Do Better Than Me" - Death Cab for Cutie (Nicky and Xander's fight at the party)
10. "Closer" - Kings of Leon (When Nicky remembers everything)
11. "I Will Follow You (Into the Dark)" - Death Cab for Cutie (In the basement, as Nicky and Xander say good-bye)

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