Thursday, November 3, 2011

The End of the World

It's hard to write with a big German Shepard's head beneath your elbow.  I'm currently using it as an arm rest.  I feel a little bad, but he won't move.

I've been away from this blog doing...well, life stuff.  Currently painting the kitchen cabinets which has turned out to be way more of a tedious undertaking than I imagined.  Especially since Sharif insists on doing it right and taking all of the doors off the hinges.

Tuesday was our three-year wedding anniversary.  We've been together nearly ten years, but took almost seven to take the plunge.  Not that commitment was an issue at that point; we had already outlasted most marriages.  We both kind of felt, "Why eff with a good  thing?"  And now we're moving toward the decade mark.  That's quite an accomplishment considering the divorce rate in America.  I bring this up in light of this whole Kardashian divorce thing.  I've never watched one episode of any of those shows (they are not reality!  there is nothing realistic in any of those people's lives,) and yet I know who they are.  I know the one girl, the one with the big butt, became famous after a tape leaked showing her letting a guy pee on her.  That's what people in this country are idolizing now.  The same people who rail against same-sex marriage.  The same people who insist on god and the church having a hand in state matters.  The same because it's the majority.  She's making millions!  But it's not even the disgusting hypocrisy of it all that bothers me.  It's not even the blatant disregard to the scam these scammers have going.  It's the fact that this was even considered a marriage at all.  Sharif and I have been through some crap and have fought through it and for each other for nearly ten years - that is a marriage.

And it's the fact that actual, REAL Americans are being blackened and bloodied by rubber bullets and gassed in their respective Occupy WS locations and yet the NEWS is this freaking sham, CON of a marriage/divorce from some chick who likes golden showers.  Please.

Sharif's going to the Mesquite Gun Show this weekend because, "2012 is almost upon us, Kelly.  You'll thank me when the zombies come."  Indeed.

Been trying to get my book out to people in book clubs and reading groups, hoping for a review.  If you know anyone in groups like these, let me know.


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