Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Look!

Hi kids!
So as you can see, we're testing out a new layout for the site.  With other works down the road, I wanted this to be a place where you, lovely reader, may come to check out more about the worlds around the stories than just a big ad for them.  I think this look is calmer and more relaxing - I like it, and I hope you do, too.

What I'm hoping to bring you in the days to come is more insight into Arethane, as well as Xander and Nicky's world.  I also want to share with you what I'm currently working on, as I'm working on it.  I plan to offer small prequel novellas, some short stories featuring your favorite characters that can't be found in the books, as well as character bios/profiles, pictures and maybe a letter from one of the characters him/herself.

I hope to make these worlds as much a part of YOUR world - a fun place to which you may escape.

I also hope to post more - new year's resolution and all.  Keep me honest, kids!

Until the real soon next time...



  1. I love the new look! And I'll definitely be looking into Sister Red and waiting with anticipation for the conclusion to the Arethane series... (hint hint)

  2. You're not following me?? How can you not be following me?